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Extreme Runners is a technical running/walking store with the goal of providing active people with store picas 018appropriate footwear and clothing.

Our staff have a range of running and walking experience at all levels, and considerable training and experience in fitting all foot types with quality running and walking shoes.

As part of our commitment to customer satisfaction we have a flexible return policy, allowing you  time to make sure you are satisfied with our choice.

Come visit us in Downtown Courtenay.

Are you living on the North Island? And can’t make it in. If you know  your favourite product and size  we would like to help you out! Contact us today!

Current News

The Extreme Experience                                                Feb 14, 2014heart

Most of us at least do some browsing on-line looking for that great deal. Why wouldn’t we? 

Prices are appealing, we can browse the inventory at our convenience, and we don’t get hassled by a salesperson. No pressure shopping, right? Or not…consider this.  

You have read and heard a lot about a specific shoe, a friend may have even recommended it to you. You look it up on-line and find it! It is perfect, even down to the colour, you must have it! So you buy it. A week later it arrives (that is if you could get it delivered to Canada) and it is just like in the picture. You can’t wait. You slip that baby on and….well …maybe it needs some time to break in?

We are not stating that all on-line experiences are this way. What we would just like to do is invite you to have an Extreme Runners experience!

Maybe you pronate or supinate, have a wider foot, narrow foot, bunions, some strange foot issue passed down from generation to generation from your great auntie. Shoes are not all created the same and that is a great thing. Odds are there is the perfect shoe for you if you know what you are looking for. 

At Extreme Runners we take pride in seeing customers’ needs are met. We are kind and helpful and enjoy spending time with our customers. There are no silly questions and we will answer your questions to the best of our knowledge. We work as an amazing team, pooling our experiences and knowledge to help you the best way we can. We carry an amazing selection of footwear that we would be happy to introduce to you, shoes from Asics, Brooks, Saucony, Nike, New Balance, Mizuno, and Adidas, all having their own unique fit and style. Let us take the guess work out of it with the Extreme experience.

The next time you are looking for some amazing running or walking shoes we invite you to come see us!

Extreme Runners is locally owned and independently operated. We can’t wait to meet you!

                                                                                                                                                                   The Extreme Team 

First Race of  the Frontrunners Island Race Series                   Jan 8, 2014

This Sunday January 12th  marks the beginning of the 2014 Frontrunners Island Race Series.

This road racing series is compiled of 8 races of varying distances from a flat and fast 5km to a beautiful 21.1 km half marathon. The races are spaced two weeks apart, except for the last two races, you only get a week to recover. So it is intense and super fun! This weekend is the Harriers Pioneer 8k in Saanichton. This race is also a TIMEX series qualifier. If you would like to know more about the TIMEX series visit BC Athletics.

The races take you to different places up and down Vancouver Island. They all start at 11am. For more information go to  the Vancouver Island Runners’ Association website  VIRA

We will post carpool information on our Facebook page on a regular basis. So like us! There is a handy link at the top of this page.

The Extreme Runners Team wish you tonnes of fun on your running adventures :).


Extreme Goes GlobalNica Feb 2012 035

Where are you going this winter? Somewhere warm? or cold?  …or do you already have an amazing picture with an Extreme Runners Custom t-shirt?

Send us a picture of you (something we can post on Facebook) and we will enter you into a draw to win the most recent edition of our custom Extreme Runners t-shirt.

We will draw on FRIDAY, March 21st, 2014  just before our Comox Valley RV Half Marathon!
How perfect is that!

For Example here are Cathy and Mary in Nicaragua on Ometepe Island ready to run!
Notice how they have their best smiles…don’t forget to say cheese.


Breaking News…Perseverance Trail Run SOLD OUT!         Oct 16, 2013

All 350 spots are accounted for at the Perseverance Trail Run. You will have to wait for next year…unless you want to be a part of the volunteer action. This is always a fun day for all. We could not put on such a great event without the volunteers!
If you would like to volunteer please e-mail us and let us know. Our e-mail is Volunteers are also encouraged to dress up. Bring your loudest cheering voice and biggest smile…see you there.


TNT Follow Up With Jeff                                                        Oct 5, 2013

jeffThursday Night Trails may be put to bed for another year, but there is always the great memories that were created on those fabulous evening runs. We asked Jeff Stickler if he could share with us his background in running and his adventures with TNT. He kindly obliged. Enjoy the read.

From Jeff…
I moved to the valley from the Sunshine Coast in the spring of 2006. I walked at least an hour a day for a few years before moving here and continued to do so for the first few years here. I still managed to gain a few pounds. One day at a party someone commented on the size of my belly so I started running the next day!

That was a little over three years ago. I started with a neighbour who quit after a couple of weeks but by then I was hooked. I noticed small improvements each week and that kept me going. Eventually I was running for an hour on the same trail at least three days a week.

I volunteered at MusicFest in the summer of 2011 where I met Karen Weller.I was working and camping with a group of great people but none of them were into fitness, in fact they were all smokers so when Karen rode in to the campsite on her bike it was literally a breath of fresh air.

When I told her I had been running the same trail alone for a year she looked at me with that tilted head, confused expression and said “You should try running with a group, it’s way more fun!”. We went for a run a couple of days later on “my trail” where she assessed me at group 4 so the next Thursday I showed up the Northeast Woods and have hardly missed a TNT run since!

During the 2012 season there were a couple of times when we were missing a few of the regular leaders so Frank asked me to lead group 4 (this years’ group 3). This season I lead groups 1 & 2 a few times but I think I tend to be a bit to peppy and made a better sweeper at that tempo. When I get warmed up and those endorphins get moving, I find it difficult not to speed up!

The things I like about running are firstly the physical benefits, muscle toning, cardio endurance an overall sense of feeling stronger. Second are the mental benefits. I have less anxiety and depression, and much clearer thinking. It’s a great confidence builder.

I would say my favourite trail is anything between Nymph Falls and the Lake. It’s beautiful any time of day, in any kind of weather year round. It’s not technical so my mind can wander and on warm days it’s nice to finish with a cool dip in the river.

My favourite moment from this seasons TNT would have to be running with Kate Brotherston before the second pot-luck at the lake talking about the fried chicken waiting for us after the run!

For those who are just starting out I would say congratulations, you’re 90% ahead of the rest of the pack just for showing up! Also to celebrate each victory no matter the size!

Thank-you Jeff. Love it!

Again we cannot say enough thank-you’s to ALL the volunteer run leaders and Frank Graham for making this super cool trail run work every week. The organization put into this community phenom is amazing.

We live in an incredible place and running can take us to areas where some people may never see. So next time you are out for a run take a minute to breathe it all in and look around. Running is a beautiful thing!

Until next year…


Perseverance Trail Run                                Sept 18, 2013

The run this year is October 27th, 2013.

Proceeds from the race support the Cumberland Forest Society who help maintain the beautiful area we all love to run and bike in, Cumberland Hills.

The run consists of two components; a family friendly three kilometre cross country or a 10ish kilometre beautiful mountain run. The runs take you through amazing trails that encompass the true spirit of “Cumberland Hills”. No shortage of great climbing, rolling single track, and fun downhill. Perseverance has it all. The best part is proceeds go to the Cumberland Forest Society to help maintain that special green space!

If you love to run in Cumberland or you have yet to experience this gorgeous area of the Comox Valley come out and embrace what it has to offer.

Start time 11a.m. Racers check in between 9:00-10:00am at No. 6 Mine Park in Cumberland. Registration can be done on-line or in person at Extreme Runners. Early Bird registration is $20.00 for adult and $15.00 for kids 18 and under. Don’t forget to purchase your t-shirt.

Bring your alternative self….dressing-up is encouraged. Halloween is right around the corner!



Extreme Athlete Wayne Crowe                        July 10, 2013

wayne 1


We would like to introduce our Extreme athlete, Wayne Crowe. Extreme Runners has proudly sponsored Wayne for the past six years. Wayne has resided in the Comox Valley since 1983 with his beautiful wife Sharon and has raised his three boys here. He is a doctor with a keen interest in sports medicine and the science of running. Wayne has worked hard to achieve the amazing results in his races and has a true passion for the sport. He told us a bit about himself and his running career.

 Why and when did you start running?

I have always run as part of general fitness. I started running more seriously in 2004 when I joined some friends training for the Victoria Marathon. With very limited training I ran 3:15 and qualified for Boston. I thought I was done there, but was coerced into getting serious and to take advantage of the elusive opportunity of going to Boston. I was told I would never know if the chance would come again. (I have run it four times now) Sooooo, I joined CVRR and started to run more regularly. I had some early success in the Island Series with a third place finish in my first 8 K and that encouraged me more. I enjoyed the comradery of training with a group and the racing.  I had a disappointing Boston that year (2005) with a time of 3:10. It was very hot and I had executed my race plan poorly. I knew I could do better and really started getting serious after that. In 2006 I improved to 2:53 in Boston, but still knew there was something in the tank. 5 weeks later I ran 2:55 in Ottawa to finish second in the National Championships. And so it goes. Always the goal of pushing harder and running faster. I tend to be competitive, especially with myself.

 The Island Series that Wayne refers to is a road racing series of 8 races on Vancouver Island. It starts early in the year For more information go to Frontrunners Island Race Series

 Favourite shoe?

I am an Asics man for sure! There are so many good ones depending on the purpose of the run. For general training runs I love the new Asics DS Trainer road shoe. For trail runs the Asics Fuji Racer is a nice, light weight responsive shoe that adds a great spark to my trail runs. I am also looking forward to trying the new Fuji Trainer for trail runs. For racing, I have found that the DS Racer has been an extremely good shoe for me. It is light weight and comfortable, but provides enough cushioning that I can use it for any distance from 5 K to the Marathon. 

 Favourite race?

That is a very tough one. Boston Marathon will always have the magic. My greatest running memory was running it with son Brad in 2011. Big Sur Marathon was a great challenge with huge hills and a headwind for the entire course. Another highlight was running the Half Corked Half Marathon in Oliver where runners wayne 2dressed in costume and wine was served at the aid stations.

 Looks like you know how to have fun too! 

 Favourite track workout?

It really depends on what I am training for. A favorite though is 6 x 1000 at 5 Km pace as a good test of fitness and speed. I also enjoy the 3 x 1000 with 1 x 3000 workout done at race pace prior to a Half or Full Marathon. 

 Favourite place to run in the Valley?

There are so many great places to run. We are very lucky to live here. I love the variety of both trails and road. I think running the pipeline with the Bevan loop is my favorite run. Son Brad and I will usually do that as a mid week run.

 Yes we agree that we are lucky to have such an amazing place full of incredible breathtaking trail and road. 

 What motivates you to keep challenging yourself?

My goal is always to get the most out of my body. It is as much a mental thing as a physical thing. I enjoy the competition, but I always say that the race is the reward for all of the hard training. I love to race at a level that I know I have given it everything I had on that day, no matter what the finishing time or placing was. 

 Are you nationally ranked as an athlete? In what events?

I have been ranked in the top 10 in my age group in Canada and at times in the top two or three in a number of events including 5 K, 10 K, 15 K, Half Marathon and Marathon distances.

 What was your proudest memory?

My proudest memory is pushing myself to the limit to break 2:50 (2:49:58) in the Victoria Marathon in 2008 at age 52. 


 Anything else you would like to add?

I have had a lot of success over the last several years. I have completed 23 marathons, 30 Half Marathons and numerous other events. PRs 5 K 17:32, 10 K 36:36, Half Marathon 1:18:28 and Marathon 2:49:58. Recent results included first place in age group for  the Maui Waterfront Half Marathon, Vancouver Scotia Half wayne 3Marathon and Vancouver BMO Half Marathon as well as the Victoria Half Marathon (with a new age group record of 1:21:27.) Also this past year I was the overall winner of the Run the Rock Half Marathon on Texada Island (with a new course record) and the overall winner of the recent Edge to Edge Half Marathon. 

I like to keep it fun. I continue to enjoy running and racing and plan to keep doing it for many years to come.  

Wayne has also spent many hours giving back to the sport through volunteering for the Comox Valley Road Runners as past president, Race Director for the Comox Vallley RV Half Marathon, talking at the Run4Fun program and mentoring others.

Extreme Runners is happy to have Wayne as part of our team and be the face for Extreme Runners at home and abroad.

 Thanks Wayne for being you!



Introducing TNT Leader Jerry Van                            June 2nd, 2013

JerryExtreme Runners would like you to meet one of the many people who volunteer for Thursday Night Trail Runs (TNT). We would like to introduce Jerry Van, a long time Valley resident of 3o+ years. We are so very fortunate to have the help of such an experienced athlete, dedicated individual and really great guy.

Jerry keeps you motivated when you hear him talking about running with that contagious smile.

We asked Jerry his thoughts on TNT, a little about his life, background, and what keeps him hitting the trails. 

 When did you start running? And why?

    Years ago I did a couple of triathlons and then stopped running for decades then a couple of friends called me up to join them at the track for a run. I just kept running!

 What do you like about trail running?

    I enjoy being in the forest, the views and the feeling of flying down a winding trail.

 What are some of the trail events you have taken part in?

    One gut buster last year and lots of the TNT runs.

The Gutbuster Trail Series is some serious Vancouver Island trail racing!

 How did you become a leader with TNT?

    It just happened. I knew the trails well from my mountain biking days.

 Could we mention you are a photographer and link your website?

    My work is here,

Jerry is a very talented photographer, specializing in portraits. Yes, do check out his work. Amazing!

 What is your favourite trail and why?

    That is easily the run up in the meadows at Mt. Washington. We really have to do it a couple of times this summer.                 

Jerry speaks of Paradise Meadows. The trails are beautiful and scenic. This is a real opportunity to get away from it all and only about a half hour drive from Courtenay.

 What do you like about TNT?

    Pals to run with, they keep you motivated and laughing.

 Is there anything else you would like to add?

    That’s about it. Just get out and have fun, you don’t have to be fast just a good attitude!

 If you have had an opportunity to run with Jerry you will see he is a true ambassador to the sport. All our volunteers are. As the summer progresses our hope is we can introduce you to others who give their time to make TNT what it is. They bring a sense of community to the runners and hikers who take part and for that, Extreme Runners is very grateful.

TNT happens every Thursday night at different trails. This is an organized group trail run that accommodates all levels from hikers to various running speeds. The cost is free and the fun is priceless, for more information click on Group Runs.

Happy Trails


CVRR Run4Fun Visits Extreme                               May 1st, 2013


Each year the Comox Valley Road Runners put on a running program for the youth in the Valley, the Run4Fun. This program is designed for kids age 8 – 14 to encourage active lifestyle through running. Run4Fun is 8 weeks long and takes the kids to various areas within the Comox Valley where they enjoy running themed games and learn about various running related topics. The sessions usually start off with a guest speaker. Some topics covered are nutrition, injury prevention, and shoe knowledge.

Extreme Runners is thrilled to be a sponsor for this program, On Monday April 29th the Run4Fun came to the store to learn a little about their shoes. The kids checked each others shoes to make sure they were the right length for their feet, practiced tying, and learnt how to tie their shoes so that they do not come undone. Then in a blur they were off and running, some to Puntledge Park and others to the outdoor gym at the Filberg Centre.

If you have active kids who love to run this could a great fit for them. For more information visit


Snow to Surf Follow Up                                                   May 1st, 2013

Snow to Surf did not disappoint with the “adventure” in this mufti-disciplined race. The day had so many interesting turns.

Let me explain…The down hill skiers were required to wait at the top after completing their run to retrieve any clothing they may have left behind? Therefore could not head down the mountain right away to follow their teammates. The Snowshoe leg, as previously described, had a run, snowshoe, and then another run, This was not all downhill snowshoeing. Within the leg there was some “adventurous” trekking. Uphills and bare patches of gravel road. The runner had a considerably longer run than usual that was not all downhill either. Some of the road cyclists were delayed by a small car accident. And on top of it all a veeeery low tide and some choppy water for the canoes to contend with in the end. Some of whom went for a little “dip” in the cool waters.

Such a memorable year! And as always a tonne of fun! For results go to

We are proud at Extreme Runners to sponsor the running leg of the Snow to Surf.

See you out there next year.


Snow to Surf Update                                          April 24th, 2013

At this time we have information that the newly added snowshoe leg of the infamous multi-sport Snow to Surf adventure race will happen. The plan is the nordic skier to first runner exchange point will be approximately 1km higher up the main road from the nordic skier to 1st runner exchange. At this point the snowshoer will carry their snowshoes to a designated spot and then put them on to continue. Further on in the leg there may be another place where the snowshoes have to be removed and carried to the snowshoe-runner exchange.

The Snow to Surf committee will make the final decision Saturday April 27th at 4 p.m. The committee ask that they not be contacted in regards to what they are going to be doing before that time. This is how it stands now.

So exciting, they are keeping us guessing…


Trail Head Directions                                        April 15th, 2013

Maybe you have just moved to the Comox Valley or you have resided here for sometime but have yet to explore our beautiful backyard.

New to the Extreme Runners website are some google maps to assist you with your exploring. These maps will help you find your way to the amazing trail systems we visit every Thursday. Lush greenery, fabulous trail construction (thank-you trail builders!) beautiful rivers, and epic views await you all around the Comox Valley.056

Nymph Falls is awesome with its rushing water and fish ladder. Tomato Creek is like a world away, arbutus trees line your hike up to one of the most breathtaking views. At Seal Bay Park the lush, green forest and combination of the ocean shoreline stimulates the senses. View the Trent River from a point high above along the trail that meanders beside it. These are only a few of the great areas in the Valley.

The maps we provided get you to the trail heads we visit on Thursdays by car or bike, but there is nothing saying you cannot enjoy these magical places on your own time with friends or family. We are for the environment and do encourage carpooling on Thursdays, which by the way, is an excellent opportunity to meet other fellow runners.

Find these maps and check out TNT under Group Runs and we will see you in the trails.

Your Extreme Team


TNT- The Origin                                                  April 11, 2013

Ever wondered when Thursday Night Trails started and how it came about?

TNT began 7 years ago. Lene Curts, owner of Extreme Runners, a trail runner herself, wanted to create a running group based on safety in the trails and fun. It began small with just a few locals meeting and enjoying the trails for an hour together on Thursdays.

As the trails attracted more interest TNT began to morph into what it is today. Once the numbers grew a need for the trail run to accommodate more levels of fitness was recognized. Lene recruited a local runner Frank Graham to assist with this. He had always wanted to help out in promoting trail running so it was an easy fit.

This is what Frank had to say when asked about the beginning of TNT with him as organizer.

“There were 14 out for our first run, including me leading the fast group and John Ingram who led the medium-speed group.  I added another, slower, group when we got up to 26 runners.”

How did you choose the trails you run?

“When we choose the 8 trails we made sure they covered the 4 corners of the valley so that each runner would get to know a trail in their neighborhood. We also chose trails that provided a variety of trail running experiences. We started with the easiest and most popular –Seal Bay– then moved on to technical trails like Twister and finished with the mountain trails of Tomato Creek.”

How has TNT changed over the years?

“There is a lot more teamwork in running the trails now. Every Thursday night I need at least 7 leaders and 7 sweepers. There are at least two dozen TNT regular runners who really want the runs to be successful. They step up to the plate behind the scenes, doing whatever it takes to make it go so smoothly including mentoring those new to the trails, run or walk. We all love sharing with others the many trails of the Comox Valley.”

TNT is a great social running experience with some organized “socials” following the run on TBA nights. Potlucks at the lake, pub gatherings, and post run dips in the water. The group is family friendly, although fido has to stay home…sorry… too many people. Trails accommodates all levels; hikers, walk/runners, and runners of different fitness. Carpooling from Extreme Runners is always encouraged. The season for the trail group is generally beginning of April until the daylight runs out around the end of September.

That is it…the beginning. Look for future stories on some of those people who help make the trails what they are today. Check out Group Runs for schedule.



Salomon Running

April 4,2013

Yes! Extreme Runners is now the proud retailer of Salomon Trail Running shoes and we are pretty excited. We hope that if you are a fan of these shoes or you have always wanted to try them, you will come in and feel the Salomon experience.

Salomon is known for creating quality, progressive mountain gear. Salomon originated in the French Alps in 1947 by François Salomon. Whose passion for skiing and design innovation were the basis of the company. To quote the company “ Salomon’s heritage, culture, and commitment are tied together by one simple concept: the world’s leading mountain people creating the world’s leading mountain product.”

At Extreme Runners we know what our local trails have to offer and believe Salomon Trail Running is an ideal fit for the varying terrain. We have brought in the XR Mission and the Speedcross 3. Both shoes have that signature Salomon upper look with the Kevlar quicklaces. Kevlar, for your information, is an extremely strong material that derives its strength from its spider web-like weave. These shoes are made to hold up.

Come in and enjoy our superior customer service and let us fit you with the right pair of Salomon Trail Runners.

We could not promote Salomon without a Killian video, now could we?




Extreme Runners is taking some time to look for Easter Eggs


SATURDAY MARCH 30th – 9:30a.m.-5:30p.m.SUNDAY MARCH 31st – CLOSED
EASTER MONDAY APRIL 1st – 11a.m.-4:00p.m.

Happy Easter from Your Extreme Team


Action-packed Weekend! March 23rd and 24th

If you love to run, this weekend has it all for you. March 23rd the Comox Valley Road Runners is celebrating the completion of the Learn to Run Clinic with their 5k race. This event is open to everyone. Non clinic members pay a mere $10.00 for entry. Quite an inspirational event, for many, it will be their first race ever.

The weekend continues with the Comox Valley Half Marathon Pasta dinner Saturday the 23rd at the Florence Filberg Centre, Evergreen Room. Cost is $25.00, doors open 5:30p.m. , dinner at 6:30, keynote speaker,  Jim Finlayson, 7:30p.m.  Jim is a former Comox Valley RV Half Marathon winner and will be attempting to break the Masters` record. For more information on all events visit

Sunday the 24th is the Comox Valley RV Half Marathon starting at 11a.m. This is a certified 21.1 km course. The route is out and back and beautiful to boot!

There is so much to do and see this weekend. In addition to the activities Extreme Runners is holding a sale on Saturday march 23rd from 9:30a.m. to 5:30p.m. Coincidentally Extreme Runners is also half marathon package pick-up for the Half Marathon, noon until 5p.m., Saturday March 23rd.

30% off all winter accessories
20% off all clothing
Save the tax on all in-stock non-sale shoes

See you Saturday!!!!

Your Extreme Team



The Yeti Gets Extreme !

Our Extreme Yeti Team

Our Extreme Yeti Team

The annual Yeti snowshoe race was held Jan. 26 at Mount Washington Alpine Resort.

There are three races within the event: a kids snowshoe, a 5K race, and a 10K race. The Yeti saw many keen participants, including teams from Extreme Runners in both the 5K and 10K races. The Yeti never disappoints, with a challenging course of uphill, downhill, groomed, and snow-breaking terrain. The Yeti himself (Adam Campbell) made appearances throughout the course, making it a fun family event for both racers and fans.

The weather was overcast, but the mild temperature was perfect for running in snowshoes. The Extreme Runners teams did incredibly well, with all participants earning podium finishes. The 10K Extreme Runners team won the team category with individual results as follows: Brad Crowe 2nd male overall, 2nd in age; Shauna Connaughton 3rd overall, 1st woman; Louis Lamb 4th overall, 2nd in age; Marion Bryan 1st in age; Marguerite Masson 2nd in age; John Ingram 1st in age; and Cathy Clark 4th in age.

The 5K team also did extremely well with the following results: Glen Christensen 2nd overall, 1st in age; Mary Ann Rolfe 1st in age; Mary Bridges 1st in age; Karen Weller 3rd in age; and Bonny Ervin 2nd in age.

The majority of the Extreme Runners team are members of the Comox Valley Road Runners as well. Snowshoeing makes for excellent cross-training as many of the racers prepare for the Island Race Series and other major events later in the season.

“Thank-you to Lene Curts at Extreme Runners for sponsoring the Extreme Runner teams,” a spokesperson said. Click on Facebook to view more pictures and check out The Yeti Snowshoe Series at





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