Nutrition and Wellness

With running (or any exercise, really), sometimes we find ourselves in need of a little help – perhaps an insole for some added arch support, or a “sleeping sock” for a bout of plantar fasciitis. Whatever your concern may be, we have products to get you back on the road as quickly as possible. Brands include Westcoast Orthotics, EC3D, CEP, Sole, Superfeet, and Addaday. With his background in Kinesiology from his time at Kintec in North Vancouver, Andy is the guy to see for advice on all things injuries, insoles, compression socks and massage rollers.

We also carry a large selection of nutrition. Brands Gu, Huma, Skratch, Picky Bar, K’Ul, SaltStick, Clif and E-Load provide a range of options focusing on electrolyte replenishment, fueling (calorie loads) and overall hydration and health. Available in drink, gel, chew or bar form, we have options for even the most sensitive stomachs.